Lockerbie College is excited to share how it promotes the professional development of its tutors and facilitates other young professionals in their higher education programmes.

For those of you who enjoy reading academic material which bears relevance to the integrated approach to education which Lockerbie College provides, we can offer Case Studies for you to enjoy.


Julia Hanschell is the Principal or School Director of Lockerbie College and believes that she should lead by example. In 2013, Julia successfully completed the Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) and is now registered as an Educational Tester (CCET Level A) with the British Psychological Society. Julia is one of the educational testers at Lockerbie College and works in close co-operation with the school’s Educational Psychologist, Andrea Dennison. The successful completion this course has provided Julia with the official credentials to analyse testing scores and assessment information, to generate official reports and to create a detailed response to intervention which may be required for students with learning differences. As such, Julia is the qualified to design the customized timetables which Lockerbie College offers each of its students.

To the left is an assignment which was successfully completed on “Intelligence, Testing and Discrimination”. For those of you who would enjoy reading background information on the parameters which govern testing procedures, this case study is for you! Naturally if you would like to discuss this further, or have someone sit down with you to explain in simple terms the results of a recent assessment you have received on your child, Julia can be contacted by email:

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Jalisha Browne was pursuing her Masters in Applied Psychology at UWi Barbados. Lockerbie College was contacted to provide an internship for Jalisha. Whilst here, Jalisha applied her research skills to investigate An Analysis of The Attitudes Of The Lockerbie College Community Towards Moodle (Course Management System). She was supervised by Andrea Dennison, the school’s Educational Psychologist, working in partnership with her tutors at UWI.

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Here is an extract taken from the conclusion of a case study completed by Lisa Emma Kilgariff of the University of Sunderland as part of a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Masters Level). The study took place between September and December 2014 at Lockerbie College, Barbados.

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