• What time can my child be dropped off in the morning?

Lockerbie College gates open at 6:45 AM. Our students are able wait on our shaded decks, until 7:50 AM when our doors open to prepare for classes.

  • What makes Lockerbie College different?

Lockerbie College is unique in Barbados. It is the only school offering contemporary education, rather than the Barbadian tradition of rote learning which has not changed much in the past century. Lockerbie tutors are the facilitators to student-driven learning and the non-traditional learning environment of Lockerbie College is resource rich, interactive and energizing.

  • Why choose Lockerbie College?

The school environment and teaching practice is relevant to how students learn in 2015 - through interaction, experience, research and investigation. Lockerbie College is similar to excellent international private schools in how it presents and supports its curriculum. However, its strongest asset is that it creates a customised timetable relevant to each student's academic path.

  • Can a student enroll during the school year?

Several students transfer to Lockerbie throughout the school year. Some come from other countries and different education systems while others transfer from local schools. It makes no sense for a student to remain in any school where there is anxiety, frustration and little progress when they can transfer and enjoy a period of “catch up” before the academic year ends.

  • What is the tutor to student ratio? How many people are in a class?

No class exceeds eight students to one teacher. Class sizes vary according to subject preferences and the academic proficiencies of the students. If specialized targeted support is needed to affect progress, students enjoy the benefit of no more than 3 students to one tutor in the specialty required. If a student needs one to one intervention or a private environment in which to learn in an emotionally safe place, these are scheduled.

  • What are your hours of operation?

Due to the customised structure of each student's timetable, classes begin at either 8 am or 9 am Monday through Friday. The last class of the day can end anywhere from 12:30pm to 5pm. However a good gauge would be to say that Monday to Thursday the average timetable is from 8am to 2pm and Fridays from 8:30pm to 12:30pm. All students go home early on a Friday as learning is intense and they're pretty saturated by then!

  • Are students required to wear uniform?

Lockerbie is the only school in Barbados with a non-colonial style uniform. Our students wear beige or grey trousers and a navy or pale blue polo shirt carrying the school logo. Lockerbie students are expected to present a casually-smart appearance and are allowed to wear a choice of suitable foot wear, jewelry, nail polish, hair ornaments and so on, much the same as would be allowed in the world of work. The school uniform enables the students to feel comfortable while looking professional. We believe that a uniform is a powerful psychological tool and we celebrate each student's right to express his or her individuality.

  • What is the age range for students?

Lockerbie is a small private school which delights in its “family” atmosphere. Students range from 8 to 18 and share all communal areas (and this often leads to some interesting negotiations). All ages participate in sports and social activities together and the students actively support each other emotionally, much as a family does. The power of positive peer-control works effectively and with empathy. Tutors and students enjoy each others company at break times during the day.

  • Discipline and Corporal Punishment.

Lockerbie College has always subscribed to a positive behaviour policy. We believe that corporal punishment, still sanctioned and practiced in schools in Barbados, is antiquated and unnecessary. We address issues proactively and treat our students with respect, which we see returned to us by them. Structure that is firm and fair provides students with a feeling of security and the knowledge that they are understood. In everything we do, we lead by example and we have seen the benefits of a family atmosphere over a hierarchal one.

  • What classroom supplies are required?

The most important tools are a laptop and an Ipad or tablet. Yes, both, as multi-tasking is now expected of most employees and therefore is a necessary skill to acquire in school. There are the traditional supplies: note books, calculator, geometry set, TD equipment and so on. However, Lockerbie College teaches its students how to study, therefore we like our students to have a hard-cover journal, highlighters, post-it notes, coloured pens and crayons, index cards, file folders and anything else that is going to help with organisation. We teach how to study smart rather than studying hard.

  • Who should I contact if my son/daughter is absent or has an appointment?

We would appreciate you emailing us at and giving us as much notice as possible. When a student is unwell at home we ensure class work is placed online so that they can catch up when they are feeling better. When a student must be home for a few days, we can set up live E-learning via Skype or Team Viewer. This is why we need as much notice as possible!

  • What are Supplemental/ Support Classes?

These are two very different types of non-curriculum sessions. Supplemental classes introduce students to a wide range of knowledge, through many formats, which they are not likely to seek for themselves. These classes are only placed on the time table where the student has “free time”. Each term the topics change. Some examples are: journalism and blogging, survival skills, world events, debating and public speaking, literature in film (movie tutorials), math is life and great journeys. Support classes are designed to supplement curriculum classes and scaffold the students' learning so that the curriculum can be accessed with greater ease. This improves the speed with which progress can be made. These are only offered in subject areas of relative weakness and these classes enable students to become more confident learners.

  • What special needs do you cater to? Are you a mainstream school?

Lockerbie College is a mainstream primary and secondary school but it offers inclusive education as the benefits of this have been solidly researched. Therefore students who present with learning challenges are accommodated through private classes or small group classes where prescribed. Targeted remedial intervention supports curriculum teaching and students develop skills and strategies through professional input to make them into independent learners. The beauty of inclusive education is to see peer-to-peer collaboration in play. It's a win-win situation and the epitome of co-operative learning.

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