Learning History though a textbook is uninspiring. It can bore students to tears. At Lockerbie College, Caribbean and World History come alive with a synergy of teaching and technology.
“To not know what happened before you were born is to remain forever a child.”
- Cicero
We illuminate the school syllabus using kinesthetic teaching techniques which facilitate not only the assimilation of the necessary material but encourage a true appreciation of History.
At Lockerbie College, students have an extensive library of historical films and documentaries at their disposal as well as online research facilities.
History as a subject is expensive, but its value in expanding students’ understanding of their collective communities, cultures and humanity is infinite.
History deserves to be enjoyed.

In addition to the study of the features of the physical earth, Geography explores the symbiosis of man within his environment.

A dynamic teaching approach is adopted at Lockerbie College, where we encourage a lateral understanding of both human and physical geography.
It is essential that Geography be taught in a way in which the magnitude of information can be easily assimilated and recalled.
At Lockerbie College Geography comes alive; students develop a consciousness and compassion for 
their world and its inhabitants.

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