Julia Hanschell was a tutor within the Division of Fine Arts at the Barbados Community College for several years. When the need arose to assist with the remediation of her daughter, Alexandra, Julia changed direction in her life and began attending conferences, seminars and workshops in order to learn how to help her. This led to her teaching many children with learning difficulties and soon her students grew to such a number that she opened Learning for Life in 2005.
Julia quickly recognized that many of the students she tutored were demoralized and with the burden of low self-esteem, easily became disinterested in learning. They struggled to achieve the academic success their intellectual potential would have indicated possible.
Helping a child build self-confidence starts with him knowing that he is genuinely liked. 
Children have voices which need to be heard and minds crying out for understanding.
Building the LFL Family
Julia saw the need to build a tutoring centre where remedial techniques were an integral teaching skill; where the tutors were exceptionally talented in inspiring their students, the resources were superior, extensive and continuously expanding, technology was at the core, assisting the teaching experience and the learning atmosphere was supportive and motivational.
Learning for Life quickly became a safe haven in which students were taught in ways in which they could learn. Each student continues to be treated as an individual; the needs of each individual crucial to achieving their personal success.
And Then There Were Two...

Katherine El Daher joined Learning for Life as Julia’s partner just before LFL opened in September 2005. Katherine was the perfect complement to the LFL team as she came with a M.A. (Hons.) in Mathematics from Boston University and experience in tutoring children with Learning Difficulties.

In spite of a number of career options, Katherine chose to teach Mathematics to students who have difficulty understanding mathematical concepts and problems, and developing the analytical skills necessary to master the discipline.

Katherine is still the Senior Maths Tutor in 2015 and leads an incredible team of Math fanatics who love teaching children that 'Math IS life'! 


"Every child has a gift; some just open their gifts later."

"Every student can learn, just not in the same day or the same way."

Bigger and Better
Learning for Life started as an after-school extra lessons service. Over the years the day school grew in demand and the after-school program became secondary. The contemporary teaching methods, resource-rich classrooms and technology-driven learning set the school apart from every other school in Barbados.   In 2014, Learning for Life gave way to Lockerbie College, which as the name suggests, was by then a fully inclusive university preparatory school. 
Lockerbie College is now Barbados’ first private sixth form school, the only school offering Cambridge A-Levels. The school accepts students from ages 7 through 18. Learning is interactive and student-driven and the student to tutor ratio remains small (1:1 to 8:1). The unique ethos which was at the heart of Learning for Life, continues at Lockerbie College. As one of our students said recently, " Teachers care about your well-being and your learning. They’ve improved my self-confidence and taught me to think outside the box."
A full range of subjects, at all academic levels, are still offered in after-school classes. With fully integrated e-learning support and after-hours access to tutors, our extra-ordinary lessons after school are better than ever. The College is continuing to expand its horizons and provide its students with a rich and meaningful environment in which they will reach their very highest potential.

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