Admission process at Lockerbie College is designed to be a thoughtful exchange of information to determine whether a student will benefit from the customized program we provide. We encourage you to be inquisitive about our mission and teaching philosophies. As an independent mainstream school, we also admit students who need to acquire strategies in the realm of language-based learning disabilities. Our objective is to assist you in your search for the most appropriate educational setting for your child.


Lockerbie College accepts students within the ages of 8 to 18. We also accept students with a primary diagnosis of a language-based learning disability, such as Dyslexia. An applicant’s cognitive ability must fall into at least the average range. Our program requires that students have the intellectual ability to acquire information and move forward in the National Curriculum as set out by the Ministry of Education, Barbados.

Lockerbie College admits students of any race, colour, religion, national and ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or with any disability that can be reasonably accommodated by the school, to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at Lockerbie College. It does not discriminate on the basis of such factors in the administration of its admission, financial aid, educational, employment and athletic policies. 

Lockerbie College does not provide mainstream services necessary for children with primary emotional or behavioral issues. However each application is assessed on an individual basis to determine whether Lockerbie College can successfully meet the needs of your child. 


The following information gives an idea of the application process for a student who wishes to attend Lockerbie College:

1. It is suggested that prospective parents read the information on this website. There is a great deal here which, if explored, may answer several initial questions about transfer or entry to Lockerbie College.

2. Parents should call the school at 1(246) 435-3069 or email to organise a suitable time to visit the school when it is in session. Touring the school will provide visitors with a clear idea of our teaching environment. There will also be the opportunity to discuss general queries or observations.

At this time, parents may wish to seek more specific information relevant to their child as a prospective student of the school and can arrange an initial Interview with the School Director, Julia Hanschell by completing this ADMISSION INQUIRY FORM. She can also be contacted directly by email at 

3. At the initial interview, background information is shared and the needs of the 'whole child' are examined. Parents' questions will be answered in detail and if the school and parents jointly agree that a move to Lockerbie College is feasible, the student will be invited to spend two full days at the school, auditing classes.

This serves several purposes: (i) it enables the prospective student to interact with the other students at Lockerbie College while experiencing contemporary learning and a close-knit school community (ii) it provides tutors with the opportunity to observe the prospective student, with which they can gauge proficiency levels and the new dynamic which their presence brings to the classroom on a social level and (iii) it highlights any areas which may need further investigation or consideration

4. A second Interview then follows in which feedback from the student's audit day is discussed with parents. At this point parents usually decide whether or not to move their child to Lockerbie College. They are then offered an Application Form and payment is made by them ($450) for the application process to begin.

5. Completing the Application Form is no small task, as it is over 50 pages long, is extremely detailed and asks complex questions. No one knows a child like his or her parents and Lockerbie College recognises that parents provide the most valuable insight possible. There are sections which must be completed independently by the student as well. There are several specific forms to complete, initial or sign. There are several documents which must be submitted with the Application Form. Policies must be read carefully and there are agreements which must be approved by parents, validating the relationship between home and school - the relationship which will provide structure and security, integral for the student's success.

6. The Application Form is usually returned within a week at an agreed day and time so that a third Interview takes place. At this meeting, the School Director reviews the Application Form in detail with the parent who has completed it and after queries on both sides are satisfied, the student is usually offered a place at the school. In accepting the place, the parent pays a Deposit of $1,000 being in lieu of a full term's notice. This deposit is applied to the student's invoice for his or her last term at Lockerbie College once a full term's notice of departure is given in writing to the school.

At this third interview, a 'starting timetable' is provided together with the fees based on that timetable. Fees for following terms are discussed and the Payment Schedule is agreed and signed off.

On occasion, it is also agreed that the incoming student receives an Educational Assessment in order to provide the tutors with the information they may need to provide salient and meaningful teaching, targeted support and scaffolding of the curriculum.

7. When any additional paperwork is completed, a start date for the student is agreed. This can be between 3 and 7 days later, depending on the payment being made for the first fee installment, the student acquiring the correct uniform etc. This short delay also gives the school the time it needs to set up an email address, prepare a school locker, create internet and Moodle access and so on. The student's school email is set up to forward to his or her parents' personal email addresses so that parents are included in any communication which takes place with the student, by the school.

The tutors also need time to assimilate the information provided in the application form so that they can amend their lesson plans and differentiation strategies for the new student.


This may appear to be a lengthy process. However, experience has taught us that extensive and salient information is the key in creating an accurate, customised timetable which is strategically applicable to a student's pathway through school, into the world beyond.  



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