Languages are a considerable asset when applying to a university and an even greater advantage in adult life.

Proficiency in a foreign language makes travel more interesting and opens up worlds in terms of experience and employment.
To successfully learn French or Spanish, students need to experience the flavour of the culture, not just its language; this is because languages are emotive and are fun to learn when they are properly taught from this perspective.
Why should learning a language be a difficult and tedious experience? Why should students complain that the structure of a foreign language completely baffles them?
At Lockerbie College, we tackle these difficulties by immersing students in the language. Our tutorials aim to provide a sound foundation in grammar and syntax, while helping students enjoy the rhythm of the spoken language. The tutors at Lockerbie College have all lived overseas or traveled extensively in the countries whose language they teach. They are excited about the language and their tutorials are uniquely interactive and dynamic because of it.
With the use of stimulating computer programs, our language courses help to develop independence in learning the language and confidence in speaking it.

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