Maths is a challenging subject to many students.
Success in maths requires a higher order of thinking; it involves sequential, spatial and lateral thought processes. The ability to
recognize concepts and apply techniques, when presented with an unfamiliar problem, is what separates the successful maths student from the student who ‘doesn't get it’.
In the real world, maths provides the tools with which we solve problems, make calculations, understand finances and reach conclusions.
Maths is vital to our lives in so many ways.
Students really need to derive the most from maths instruction while at school. If, for whatever reason, a child finds it difficult or impossible to access the maths curriculum, the repercussions could be disastrous.
At Lockerbie College we offer a wide variety of maths tuition; from private lessons to small group
 tutorials and larger study groups.
Our tutors are creative and experienced professionals who will find a way to help your child understand the mathematical concepts that challenge them.
It doesn't require genius to be good at maths; success only requires good teaching and enough self-confidence to practice what’s been taught.

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