Over the years, we have been approved by several private educational institutions overseas which have required invigilation of students sitting foreign examinations. 

These include:

(i)     examinations for entry to a UK, US or Canadian school (Grade 7 and above)

(ii)    module tests for students completing online courses at high school, college or university level

(iii)   module tests for students repeating subjects to achieve credits through a summer school programme

Lockerbie College provides this service throughout the year, in term time and during the school holidays.

Examinations may be taken:

  • online
  • in live time
  • or if specified, will be printed by the school and administered in hard copy.

Online examinations can be facilitated at the time specified by the overseas school.

Examinations completed on paper are sent the next day by Federal Express to the overseas school.

Charges may vary depending on:

  • IT support
  • Printing of the examination
  • Length of examination
  • Special invigilation requirements
  • Courier charges
  • Request for Authentication of documents by specific personnel

If you are interested in this service offered by Lockerbie College, please contact:


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