Summer School

For 10 years, many students have proved that our summer school can make a world of difference, whether it be in catching up, keeping up or getting ahead.

We believe both parents and students deserve a break over the 8 weeks of summer holidays. Parents exist throughout the term often with a battle plan ferrying their children too & from activities and the days wiz by in a blur of chaos. Summer holidays are designed for children to recuperate from the social stress of navigating the school environment and the need to assimilate what has been taught in 38 weeks of concentrated learning.

Therefore it’s never easy to face the fact that summer school may be a good idea. So it needs to have a clear objective and be organised and be structured as compassionately as possible.


Catch up - Some students, have not successfully accessed sufficient content of the previous years curriculum and if they have been promoted they will not have the opportunity to spiral back and fill in loop holes. Therefore new curriculum will be placed on a weak foundation, which in turn will provide even less successful acquisition of new material. So when we catch up students in summer school we return to their point of proficiency and fill in all those random loop holes with meaningful knowledge which then can be used to build on the following year.

Keep Up - Students who have caught up with missing information often need assistance in using that information in a meaningful way from decoding questions, too higher order thinking skills. Helping students to keep up improves their use of knowledge, their expressive language and the background study skills which make learning smart rather than hard.

Get Ahead - This is often the most undervalued aspect of summer school because many parents feel it is not necessary to give their children a jump-start on next years curriculum. However students who have challenges with memory, rote learning, reading, spelling, comprehension and writing skills, as well as, organisation really do benefit from having information "front loaded".

Lockerbie College Summer 2015 Registration Form

We are open all summer but what we try to do is create a timetable for each summer school student giving him/her 4-5 days of consecutive “holiday” and 2 days of classes 2-3 hours each day.

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