Difficulties with Learning or Accessing Learning

Sometimes students may face difficulties in their learning, or have difficulties accessing their learning, which may require more specialist assessment. For example, there may be concerns in relation to literacy difficulties, language and communication difficulties, organisational skills, processing information, or social and emotional difficulties. At Lockerbie College, we have an Educational Psychologist on site who can offer professional support.

Assessment by a Registered and Chartered Educational Psychologist

In collaboration with the student and their parents, our Educational Psychologist will facilitate a process of jointly problem-solving any concerns and help with finding solutions.

Sometimes more comprehensive standardised assessments may be needed.  These can be useful in gaining specific information on the student’s strengths and needs and also informing appropriate and specific interventions to enable change. The flyer below will give further information on this process.

Consultation and Assessment for those who do not attend Lockerbie College

A service of consultation and assessment is also offered to those who do not attend Lockerbie College. You can view further information on this process by clicking on the flyer below or fill out the form by clicking HERE.

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