Supporting Student Needs

Student timetables are carefully crafted to enable success in learning. Sometimes students need extra support in relation to their learning, development and wellbeing.

At Lockerbie College, we have a Registered Educational Psychologist and Registered Counselling Psychologist on staff, as well as teachers with post-graduate qualifications in working with children and young people with a variety of learning needs or special educational needs.

Learning Intervention

We can provide a number of specific interventions tailored to meet the needs of the student. In relation to learning needs, these can include:

  • Support for literacy or dyslexic difficulties including the use of
  • THRASS™(Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills)
  • Seeing Stars™, a Lindamood Bell programme
  • Great Leaps™
  • Support in developing language and critical thinking skills including the use of Visualizing Verbalizing™, a Lindamood Bell programme.
  • Support in developing social skills and social communication skills.
  • Support in developing organisational skills and study skills.
  • Support for numeracy difficulties, including the use of On Cloud Nine™, a Lindamood Bell programme.

Learning and therapeutic support can be individual, or part of a small group, depending on need and the emotional comfort of the student(s).

Therapeutic Support

We also provide therapeutic support, on site, to address any emotional, social or behavioural needs a student may have, and to help facilitate change.

Intervention for those who do not attend Lockerbie College

A service of therapeutic intervention is also offered to those who do not attend Lockerbie College. The flyer below will give further information on this process.

Learning interventions, including those listed above, are are also available to those students external to Lockerbie College. Please telephone the school on 435-3069/434-3673 to find out further information.


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