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Our parents realise very quickly that a team approach is key to their child feeling valued. We celebrate the unique individuality of your child. When we become involved in helping them reach their academic and personal potential, their lives begin to change. Together, as a team, parents and tutors provide the structure and compassion to ensure each child learns and grows into a young adult who has found meaning and satisfaction at school.

What parents have to say about their child’s experience at Lockerbie College, gives us the information we need to continually upgrade our services. We consider these to be as important and enlightening as Trip Advisor is to travellers. We appreciate the efforts of past parents and students in taking the time to feed back to us what their experience at Lockerbie College was like.

It’s these that we are sharing with you on this page. 


           Schneiderman Testimonial          Aboagye Testimonial                Weekes Testimonial              Brathwaite Testimonial 
                           (2010)                                       (2009)                                        (2014)                                        (2014)
                  Edghill Testimonial                 Ponton Testimonial                 Harris Testimonial                     DC Testimonial
                            (2013)                                      (2012)                                      (2011)                                     (2011)
                   OSC Testimonial                  Greaves Testimonial                Walcott Testimonial
                           (2015)                                     (2010)                                        (2015)


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