Each student at Lockerbie College, has a customized time table designed specifically to meet his/her needs as a “Whole Child”. This structure can be easily viewed in an inverted pyramid format comprising of academic subjects, curriculum support, supplemental classes, remedial intervention and counseling/assessment services.

Have a look at the six customised timetables on this page. This will illustrate how each student's academic pathway is supported through creating a timetable to suit individual needs, academic paths and personal goals.


a) The open subject selection where students choose FREELY what they WANT to study . Schools in Barbados place subjects in bands from which the student makes a controlled selection

b) Support is provided to scaffold the student as he or she gains meaningful knowledge, proficiency and confidence in a subject with a previously low grade. This enables the Lockerbie student to still have the option to choose the subject for CSEC. Other Barbadian schools will limit student's choices based on low promotional grades.

c) Our students work at their proficiency levels and sit exams when they are academically ready. This means that students have the option to work concurrently at different curriculum levels: supported, mainstream and accelerated

Age 12 Student Age 13 Student Age 14 Student

Age 16 Student Grade 12 Foreign Curricula A Level

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